Misconceptions about Pontoon


Misconceptions about the casino game Pontoon
Pontoon is an exciting and enjoyable game that can be played in real and also virtual casinos. Whether you play in a casino or online the rules are the same. Pontoon differs from other card games as it only uses 48 cards as the tens get taken out of each pack.

Here are some of the commonly held misconceptions about Pontoon:

  • The aim of the game is to get as close as 21 as possible
    That is not technically true, all you need to do is to beat the dealers card. Do not search for the perfect hand and hold if you have a strong hand already.
  • Non pro players harm your prospects
    This is not true as other players cannot affect your chances, you simply have to stick to your own strategy.
  • If you get a chermin de far take out insurance
    This is not right as taking out insurance can actually reduce the amount of your winnings and is not worth doing. In the game you have roughly a one in three chance of winning yet only consider insurance if you count cards as well.
  • Dealers are hot
    This is not the case as you have more control over your strategy than the dealer does. The dealer has to stick to the rules while you decide when to hold and when to swap cards.


  • Half way players make you lose
    Whether another player leaves the game before you, or enters it after you makes no difference.
  • You simply have to win sooner rather than later
    The dealer may have won several games in a row yet you must be line in to win soon. You chances of winning are the same for each game. Whether you have lost a few in a row or won the odds remain the same.
  • Deauces favor the dealer
    That is not always the case as they can still lose even if they cannot bust. Also you still have the chance to beat their score.